Concentrate on the elements, 100 days to Rio marked at World Cup Hyères

mercredi 27 avril 2016

To compete at Rio 2016, all the elements are essential but to win, you must concentrate on one, gold. It’s just 100 days exactly until the start of Rio 2016 but before the sailors get there, they have to fight the elements that will be thrown at them at Sailing World Cup Hyères.

The famous Mistral has been present in the French Riviera in the lead up to racing and sailors are prepared for Wednesday's 10-15 knot morning breeze that will increase to 17-22 knots in the afternoon. A slight to moderate sea state and a blue sky day added to the breeze will ensure a good day of racing for all.

Aside from the natural elements, sailors have their eye on a special element that makes up the ultimate prize. Found on the periodic table,Au, commonly known as gold is the one element sailors and athletes constantly think about.

Get excited for Rio 2016 by watching a preview video below:

An Olympic gold medal is the end result of a lifetime of work but to get there, the Sailing World Cup in Hyères will play a key part as bragging rights and World Cup honours are on the line.

Daniel Smith
Website and Media Co-ordinator



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